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Salt rooms/Himalayan salt caves construction
Professional Halogenerators for salt rooms/salt caves
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Salt rooms/Himalayan salt caves construction

Experienced, truly affordable salt rooms/salt caves construction

Salt rooms, Halogenerators, Himalayan salt caves


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What are the cost involved with building a Salt Room/Himalayan salt cave? This is a top 3 question we received amongst hundreds of emails and is a legitimate one.

The answer is difficult to give as the process is not a standardized one.Yet, based on a few criteria we can have a quite accurate prediction of the cost for building a salt room. The elements that need to be considered are:

1. Purpose - commercial or residential. Costs are lower for residential

2. Size of the salt room - there are significant differences in price for large salt rooms (over 400sf) compared to a 150sf one.

3.Halogenerator - most of the time this is the most costly item in a salt room but you cannot claim health benefits from salt therapy without having a performant proper installed halogenerator. Prices for these devices varies but we can guide you to acquire the best suited device for your purpose and at the best possible price.

4. Design and materials - obviously will be a much lower price for a standard white sea salt /rock salt room then for a salt room built using himalayan crystals/chunks and even back lighted himalayan salt bricks wall.

5. There are some elements of cost that are commune to every project, like design, lightning, ventilation, sound system, etc

As a conclusion, the cost for building a salt room varies from around $10,000 for a small residential salt room to $40,000 for a large high end commercial one. Once we have all the above elements, we can accurately provide a written estimate for your project.

Price of building a salt room/ salt cave