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Providing Halotherapy expertise since 2009



Our flagship Salt Room have provided Halotherapy benefits to tens of thousands of clients since 2009

Our experience and expertise opened the way for countless other Halotherapy facilities across the country.

Experience and Expertise

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We've been on both side of business: as Halotherapy providers and Salt Rooms Builders and we know what it takes to build a successful business. We will conduct a thorough free consultation and explain your design options for your dream salt room/salt cave and suggestions to make sure that you are comfortable with your final product and price. From Halogenerators distribution to Himalayan salt caves builders services, we strive to provide a variety of services and a one-stop-shop experience in Halotherapy .  


About Halotherapy

Halotherapy helps in respiratory ailments

What is Halotherapy

Halotherapy is a natural, complementary therapy for a range of respiratory ailments (asthma, allergies, bronchitis, colds, COPD,etc) and skin condition.  It is done in salt rooms/salt caves that are designed to mimic the micro climate from salt mines. 

Design your Salt Room

Mechanism of action

The anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory properties of salt provide the major beneficial factor in Halo therapy.The primary mechanism of action is dry salt aerosol produced by a Halogenerator.
During Halotherapy treatment salt micro particles are inhaled and travel into the airways and to the deepest parts of the lungs. 

Action of salt therapy

Benefits of halotherapy

  Halotherapy process begin with reducing  inflammation in the airways, open constricted airways, increase mucous clearance. Additionally, well known anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal properties of salt will clear airways of allergens and pathogenic  flora.The healing parameters of salt room are amplified by mental relaxation programs, including healing music and nature sounds ( waterfall, ocean waves, rainfall, birds singing, etc) as well as passages of guided meditation providing a beneficial psycho - emotional effect of well being and stress reduction on patients  

Halotherapy for your business

SPAs can add Halotherapy as service

Is your business suited for Halotherapy?

If you operate in SPA Industry then our answer is YES.

Whether  you own a Spa salon, massage provider, 

yoga studio, wellness center private club, chiropractic facility -then Halotherapy will best suit your services and will be a great addition to your offer for customers

Any room can be converted for halotherapy

Is difficult/expensive to get in Halotherapy busines?

 Is not difficult at all: Halotherapy is not regulated by FDA, it means you don't need a licence for your practice.

How expensive? It depends on your designed salt room/cave but as an example: a 200 sqf salt room installed, including a Halogenerator can be done in a range of $10,000. If you're willing to put the work, the cost will be reduced dramatically 

Build your own Salt Room

Can I build it myself?

Absolutely. You're a small business owner and there is no bigger satisfaction than to build a business that will bring great financial benefits to you and customers appreciation. All at a cost that is not prohibited and takes away the stress and guess work 

Professional Halogenerators for your business

Do I really need a Halogenerator?

Yes. Without Halogenerator there is no Halotherapy and will be deceiving to your customers. If you decide to not use a Halogenerator - youl'll have a passive salt room - a great place for relaxation and well being. 

Salt Room for Halotherapy

Do I really need to install salt on the walls?

Yes. Salt therapy mimics micro-climate from salt mines where all you have is salt. Salt on walls, floor,ceiling maintain a almost sterile environment due to its antimicrobial proprieties. Not to mention the relaxing effect on your clients that will make them come back.

Himalayan Salt Wall

Is Himalayan salt better for Halotherapy?

Not at all. The "magic properties" of Himalayan salt have been propagated by vendors in order to increase their prices and sales. There is nothing scientifically true about extra health benefits of Himalayan salt over other salt in Halotherapy. Promoting those falsehoods will only bring prejudice to halotherapy and expose your business to possible liability. However, Himalayan salt is beautiful in appearance and will add great aesthetic benefits/more clients to your business.

Low cost Salt Room construction

Is investing in a salt room worth it?

If you have an available room ready to be converted in a salt room, probably this will be most profitable addition to your existing business. Once built, a salt room requires minimum maintenance/operating cost and will bring customers that also could use your other services. Also the relaxing effect generated by your salt room will attract your existing clients in trying halotherapy. In fact, about half of salt rooms clients are using it for preventative and relaxing benefits

Salt room with Himalayan design

Can I build myself salt decor for salt room

Yes. Salt brick walls/panels/chunks/baskets/lamps, etc can be built by you with great savings and without guess work. We will guide you step by step in how to do it.


What are my purchasing options

The most convenient option is to purchase a professional Halogenerator and "Halotherapy Guide". This way you will have access to all necessary information for you to build a salt room as a DIY process. Additionally, we will assist you along the way for a stress free operation. 

You'll need to email us with info about your project: dimensions of salt room, design ideas, pictures of existing room, including the ceiling. 

Our email info@saltroombuilders.com