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Salt products available in our warehouse, Rochester Hills MI

Salt Bricks

Himalayan salt bricks

$4.95/piece, $22/sqf of wall

8x4x2, bricks, 5 lbs each,

175 sqf available 

Build your own beautiful Himalayan salt wall. Included free salt for mortar and instructions to build

Salt bricks natural cut

Himalayan salt wall

$5.45/piece, $24/sqf

8x4x2, bricks one side natural cut

 200 sqf available

Build your own beautiful Himalayan salt wall. Included free salt for mortar and instructions to build

Himalayan salt chunks

Himalayan salt chunks

$50/bag, 55 lbs bags

1-3 inch size pink Himalayan salt

4,500 lbs available

Himalayan salt boulders

Himalayan salt boulders

$50/bag, 55 lbs bags

2-10 lbs/each boulder

2000 lbs available

Himalayan salt panels

Himalayan salt panels


Custom size Himalayan salt panels,  various granulation, ready to be installed on your walls.

Himalayan salt granules

Himalayan salt crystals

$50/bag, 55 lbs bags

1-3 mm Himalayan salt granules

2500 lbs available


We tested/installed all major brands of halogenerators. Reliability, prices - we can advise you
Special offer: $4,500


We tested/installed all major brands.

Prices, reliability, warranty 

Prices from $4,500

Himalayan salt stones

Himalayan salt tiles for salt cave construction


Irregular shapes/sizes, 1 inch thick

Build your own beautifull himalayan salt cave.

4500 lbs available

Build your own salt room

Salt Room with a Himalayan salt wall

$4,900 for a 200sq f salt room turn key

Includes: salt installation(walls+ floor), materials, labor, lightning, training.

Halogenerator with Halotherapy Guide



Build your own salt therapy business.

Halogenerator and "Halotherapy Guide" included

Salt bricks adhesive, 10.1 oz

Salt cave building adhesive
Great strength, no VOC , our choice for a green building of a Himalayan Salt Cave/Salt Bricks Wall


Non toxic, no VOC, great strength. 

Our choice for  building Himalayan Salt Caves/Brick Walls

Our products are shipped from our warehouse located in Rochester Hills, Michigan. Quantities listed as available not guaranteed.  Listed are wholesale prices and do not include shipping and handling. Please contact us via phone at 2488255462 or email at info@saltroombuilders.com to arrange shipping