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Information for Business Owners

There is no doubt that covid 19 will change the way business will be conducted in the future. This health crisis produced also a social and individual trauma that will take a long time to heal.

Let's try to navigate few implications:

I. Keep your business financially alive - and the reopening day will find you prepared:

  1. Apply for all the resources available - SBA loans/grants, states financial aid. PPP can help you with a loan that can be converted to a grant equal to 2.5 times your monthly payroll - see attached updates I received form CPA
  2. Apply for unemployment even if you/your workers have been paid as self employed/contract worker/part time worker, etc If you don't qualify for regular unemployment compensation - you’ll still receive non taxable $600/week plus minimum unemployment for your state( around $150 /week or more). This will bring about $3000/month in income for the next 4 months.
  3. Talk to your landlord about giving you a 2-3 months break with lease. Do not take NO for an answer from him/her. They themselves also can apply for federal help too. Do not accept to pay the lease for these months later - probably you won't be able to do it - recovery will be longer and slower than we hope. The landlords are themselves in a tough spot- if a SPA closes permanently it will take a long time until they find another tenant and the rent will be lower.
  4. Take a look at your business insurance and fill a claim even though they will deny it now, it's possible that soon Congress/government will force these hugely profitable insurance companies to pay some compensation to small businesses.
  5. Cut/minimize/put on hold all unnecessary expenses for this time - subscriptions, ads, etc

II. Prepare/adapt your business NOW for the day you’ll reopen it:

  1. Keep your connection to your clients -  Facebook/website updates, an email, a text message or even a phone call to clients showing sympathy and solidarity can mean a lot to some.
  2. Use this time to make the upgrades/renovations that will help you in the future - many times you won't spend a lot of money but rather your work/time. It will also stay busy and feel a little better about the future. Make sure your exhaust ventilation work properly in order to maintain a negative air pressure during salt therapy sessions
  3. Add essential equipment available to your customers : face masks, gloves, safety glasses, hand sanitizers, infrared thermometers, socks/shoe covers

III. Design a client etiquette/operation protocol that will meet both clients safety and business viability:

  1. For larger salt rooms - no community sessions while Covid19 is still a pandemic. Encourage clients to come and offer deep discounted prices for large groups/families.

There is no other way to maintain a 6 ft distance. For small salt rooms offer only private salt room sessions.

  1. If financially feasible - now is the time to convert larger salt rooms in smallers salt rooms to increase the number of clients that can be accommodated at once. Converting a bigger salt room in 2 smaller salt rooms can actually double the nr of clients allowed at the same time
  2. Extend the time between sessions to allow exiting clients to not encounter entering clients
  3. Require that incoming clients to not come earlier that the appointment time, use an infrared no touch thermometer to check temperature.
  4. If you have 2 or more salt rooms use alternate time for schedule sessions.
  5. If you have 2 restrooms - convert them in unisex in order to have enough time to sanitize one at the time
  6. Make sure that all disposables - shoe covers, etc - are deposited in a tight closed container
  7. Use shoe cover dispensers 
  8. Apply a thorough cleaning after each session.
  9. Stop using online scheduling for a while in order to explain every client at the booking time all the safety rules you instituted for their safety and ask them to comply
  10. Make sure every client knows the safety rules, have them on your website/facebook, email them prior to first visit, ask them to retain a booklet for their future visits.
  11. Adapt the waiver to include new conditions/risks created by COVID19 and have every client sign it at first visit.
  12. Make sure every client knows the benefits salt therapy can provide in strengthening the immune system and during recovery after respiratory illness.   
  13. Maintain a positive, relaxing environment  in addition to safety - a relaxing time at the salt room will make your business more successful with a lot of returning customers.

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