In just 3 days we can build your dream salt room for $4,900

All you need is a 200 SQF empty room

 This quote is for a 200 sqf, 8 ft height walls salt room.

Included in price:

1.Provide all materials including walls base, plywood/drywall, mesh, salt etc

2. Install white salt crystals on the floor, walls  using our proprietary 100% green building technology

3.Provide Himalayan salt bricks/framing/lights/adhesive and install a  back-lighted Himalayan salt bricks wall up to 16 sq f area

4.Provide technical advice/help for exhaust ventilation, HVAC system

5. Install halogenerator, decorative lights for salt room  

6. Provide training in operating halogenerator and salt room procedures for a successful business.

A salt room is a wonderful addition to any existing SPA. It will bring new customers and will retain the existing ones. Once built, a salt room requires minimal maintenance /cost of operating.

Increasing popularity of salt therapy brings a increased demand in services for salt rooms/caves building industry. This will make some unscrupulous builders to request and to many times to get incredible high prices for their products/services. A salt room building is a relatively simple process that doesn't require high costs. If you plan to build a salt room and a potential contractor will talk about architects/engineers/designers/experts, etc than you"ll need to pay attention to final estimate . Except for new businesses where having a architect/civil engineer do the drawings  is a common requirement, for existing businesses having a salt room installed  is a simple process. A SPA owner can choose to pay $4,900 or can pay $35,000 for a 200 sq f salt room/salt cave but both units will provide exactly the same benefits to customers: Halotherapy. About the risks of high cost salt rooms/caves please read here: