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 Everything you need to know about  salt therapy business, Salt rooms construction, Halogenerators. We tried to let no stone unturned but if still have questions - email us.


How to prepare the walls

Prepare salt room walls

Existing rooms or new built rooms: requirements, DIY, insulation, walls, cost saving solutions 

How to install the wall base

Wall base for Salt Room

Materials, tools, huge savings with a easy DIY work 

How to apply salt

Install salt on Salt Room walls

Complicated process? Not so; just follow our instructions

How to build a Himalayan salt bricks wall

Build a Himalayan salt bricks wall

Looks out of this world, right?

Let's do it together the easy way.


Halogenerators for Halotherapy

This complicated machines ...

We'll see if you still have questions after you read about them

What about HVAC

Adjust HVAC system for Salt Room functionality

Everybody talks about complicated HVAC in salt room construction, no one tells you what to do unless you pay


Halotherapy helps in respiratory ailments

Mechanism of action, benefits, cautions 

Floor covering solutions

Preparing the floor for salt room

Wood floor, carpet, tiles, vinyl, cement or just salt?

Ceiling: so many options

Prepare ceiling for salt room

Drop ceiling in your salt room? Out of luck - just paint it blue. Not so fast! How about this solutions? Almost as cheap as the paint.

EZ light

Multi functional salt room

Yes, we know: electrical work means licensed  electricians, permits, city inspections a looooot of time and money. Not anymore.

Salt on the floor

Install salt on the salt room floor

Wood floor, tiles, carpet, vinyl, cement or salt? 

DIY salt products

Add salt products to your salt room

You'll be amazed how simple, fast and cheap is to create astonishing salt products

Business plan

Stay in budget with DIY salt room

Usually a business plan is for you to take it to the bank for a loan. With us maybe you no longer need a loan.

Salt suppliers

Himalayan boulders

If you plan to use Himalayan salt materials - this is your source.

Save $$$

Negative ions - positive vibs

 Negative ions

Salt chunks on walls

Salt cave for halotherapy

It's so simple that even an unskilled person can do it. How about yourself?

Stay away from liability

Avoid litigation in Halotherapy

Don't think you're away from a litigation because you're a small business, you're close because of that. 

The proof is in data

There is research to backup Halotherapy

All benefits you claim in your business need a science back up.

For the rest - use this waiver.


FAQ in Halotherapy

You have questions, we have answers. If don't, we'll research until we find a solution .

Why salt

Salt Therapy benefits

In Halotherapy is all about salt.

What is that salt is almost magic?

The myth of Himalayan salt

Himalayan Salt explained

Those magic benefits of Himalayan salt: 84 minerals, negative ions, cleansing, detox, etc. Really?